Packages & Pricing

We provide different solutions and packages based on your requirements. If you’re not quite sure what you need, why not contact us to see how we can help.


Initial Consultation


1-hr consultation to understand your business, what data you have and what you want to achieve with it. Formulation of potential applications to answer key business questions that you may have.

    Initial Report


    Following our initial consultation, it may be helpful to have a report outlining the potential applications, the steps required and the extra functionality that your business would need, to increase chances of success.

    We can provide a brief report containing the following information:

    • Summary of potential data analytics, data science, machine learning or AI applications to your business.
    • Plan of initial steps to undertake in order to embark on a project. In-depth description of select potential projects and relevant AI/ML or data expertise needed to fulfil them, including potential pitfalls where relevant.
    • Requirements personalised to your business processes and setup.
    Consultancy Package

    To be negotiated on an individual project basis

    Consultancy engagement:

    • Need help communicating with your stakeholders regarding your project plan. We can help formulate projects whilst minimising risks involved. We can put together presentations, white papers and executive reports, to communicate in clear language the business benefits to your C-suite / investors. We can outline market potential, project risks and strategies for mitigation to help inform on the decision making process when prioritising projects.
    • Want to create some easy to digest dashboards for reporting? Perhaps your business needs a bespoke data science / machine learning application to deploy in production, from product recommendations, demand forecasting, customer lifecycle analysis and so on. Talk to us about your requirements and we will outline how to achieve this, based on the digital proficiency of your organisation.
    • Need help implementing the project? Let us help you source the right resources in doing so. Come and talk to us about how we can help you identify the most impactful projects for your investment. We can assist with data plumbing to deliver timely reporting of key business metrics. We can address specific business needs that require specialized AI technologies, such as using natural language processing for customer sentiment analysis, or machine vision models for stock categorization etc.
    • We can also embark on more bespoke projects depending on the key business question that you would like to answer. We bring scientific rigour and technical expertise to ensure the smooth running of projects whilst achieving results.